"Five Scenes for Vibraphone" is an early piece of mine. Each of the five pieces is a compilation of bits of the solo part of an earlier "Concert Piece for Vibraphone and Percussion" Both the "Concert Piece" and the "Five Scenes" were written for an old high school friend of mine, Ralf Baumann, who was also the drummer of the Fusion band I was playing with back then and who later became the solo tympanist of the "Niederrheinische Sinfoniker." Besides applying a simple but uncommon harmonic language, in which harmonies involving higher pitches are more dissonant than those involving lower ones, I was interested in diversity of tempi and of metric organization, and the inclusion of aleatoric elements in the musical setting. These technical aspects of "Five Scenes" have again become more prominent in my more recent pieces like "Jacques," "Sir Donald," and "Wild Landscape and Underbrush." The evocative titles of the "Five Scenes" -- "Intrada. On a Yacht in the Port of Karlsberg. Day." / "On the Unlit Heath. Night." / "A Hall with Seven Doors." / "On the Porch. Evening." / "Finale. In the Beer Garden. Day." -- are modeled after scenic instructions in a play and serve as contrasting backdrops for the "Five Scenes" to help set them apart from one another.

(Stefan Hakenberg, 2000)