Sub-caption: "A kind of mist hovered over Hakenberg's miniatures, and Robert Schulz gave a dream of a performance."

"What is it about the vibraphone that's not quite of this world? Stefan Hakenberg has had his ear cocked to the genius of that instrument, and has taken it into his psyche, to judge from his "Five Scenes," (. . .). Hakenberg's miniatures ("A Hall With Seven Doors" and "On the Unlit Heath" were typical titles) combine a certain snapshot-specific quality with something elusive, about-to-jell, improvisatory; a kind of mist hovered over them, refracting rather than obscuring."

Richard Buell, Boston Globe

Each of the Five Scenes for Vibraphone by Stefan Hakenberg bears a title evocative of a particular mood and place. These are charming, unpretentious entities that effectively explore a number of colorful special effects (including use of stick handle strokes, pitch bending, and varied vibrato settings). But the beauty here is not just surface-thick - each "scene" is effectively structured and the five movements fit together to form a well-balanced whole.

David Cleary, 21st-Century-Music