Like Juicy Peaches

1997 / 2001


for four cellos

Peaches by Paul Cezanne

mp3 excerpts:

No. 1) Largo
No. 2) An Accumulation of Motifs by Coleman Lindsley
No. 3) ad lib

(-) World premiere: 1997, Pallais de Fontainebleau Fontainebleau/France; students of the American Academy for the Arts.
(-) Asian premiere (as part of 21 Peaches): 2001, TOTAL Museum Pyongchang-dong Seoul/South Koreal faculty and students from the Music Department at Ulsan University, cond.: Changwon Park.
(-) American premiere: 2003, Rene Weiler Recital Hall, Greenwich House, New York/New York; shown with Theo Lipfert's video inspired by and assembled onto the music.

further incarnations