"(. . .) die Komposition Nosey & Gussie LaMore (Characters from Stroller White's Goldrush Days) von Stefan Hakenberg verwandelte den Konzertsaal mit verflochtenen, volkstümlichen Melodien in einen spannenden Klangkörper."

(Kiyoshi Furukawa, Positionen)

"We sat right in the middle, the best seats in the house.

The show opened with four people on stage: a Scottish snare-drum player in a kilt, a guy with a clarinet [sic], another man with a very little saxophone, and a woman with a hurdygurdy on her lap. They each played a different tune at the same time, clashing with great conviction. Sort of like a preschool marching band. The middle row liked it. It was loud, funny, and there was a man in a skirt."

(Heather Lende, Anchorage Daily News)