Ein Gesang der Loreley – Program notes

Loreley is a fairy beauty, a Germanic Siren. She sits atop a steep rock overlooking the river Rhine -- a place where today, the Germans present open-air rock concerts -- singing most beautiful and alluring songs. At the bottom of the rock, the river twists over rapids and past shallow pools. The navigators of the river need to give all their attention to the deadly threats of the chasing, bubbling waters. However, again and again, river captains, ravished by the spellbinding beauty of the Loreley's voice, loose control of their vessels, shipwreck, and drown.

Ein Gesang der Loreley (A Song of Loreley) is my second piece on shipwrecks, the first one being Small Craft for violin, viola, flute, and euphonium, inspired by the fjords and straights of Southeast Alaska. Ein Gesang der Loreley was commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Phorminx from Darmstadt.

(Stefan Hakenberg, 2006)